31 July 2012

pudding faces

Occasionally I am extra nice to my children, just occasionally though. ;) This particular day I gave them both pudding for lunch. Since they would eat an entire paycheck worth of pudding in one sitting (and then likely give it back to me), it doesn't happen too often.

They must have been really good that day though. My special little demons with their horns hidden. Aren't they cute?!

And while they were eating pudding, this was the view of the floor... actually, right after I guess since chicklet is out of the high chair.

Poor pup. She really, really wanted some chocolate pudding. I felt kinda bad for her. I would have snuck her a tiny lick, but since she has been having seizures I've been keeping anything that might possibly contribute to them away from her (to the best of my ability). I can't help it if they scavenge the trash can and find bits. I still don't understand how they can open the pantry door without having thumbs. And please excuse my ugly 80's kitchen floor. One day, one day it will be all pretty and shiny and new. But that day isn't today (and likely won't be until my kids are a little older and less destructive, LOL).

The above page was created for a not so speedy scrap challenge at Scrap Takeout. This page has stuff from Marie H Designs (Incredible Kid), Fran B (Park Pals Add On) & Jen Yurko (Lucky Me). I really am loving that site. If you are a digi scrapper, or interested in digital at all, I suggest you check it out!

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