01 August 2012

Look Mom - A Trophy!

First up I have to share a pic of the boy. He is absolutely in love with his trophy, and of course he really wanted to take it to bed last night. We decided that we would put up a special shelf in his room and he can put it on there, but for now it found a home on his dresser. First thing this morning, he tells me he is pretending to be a shelf, puts the trophy on his head and backs up to the wall. :) I love this kid!

And on a scrapping front, this is just a quick hybrid project I did for a challenge over at Scrap Takeout. I'm not really sure if I will use this for my paint brushes or if I'll give it to the kids, but either way it turned out really cute and I love the colors. I used the Aida Scrap Hipster Soul kit to make the label, printed it off and put it on the can. Can't get much easier than that!

I do wish I would have painted the inside, but I have decided that there are few projects I wish I hadn't done something different too. And of course, if the kids wind up with it I'm sure they will gunk it up soon enough anyway. 

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