30 July 2012

2011 Christmas Card

I would wish you a happy Monday, but are they ever really happy? This week brings the close of t ball (which went really fast), the beginning of August and the last full month of the boy's freedom before he starts pre-school. This summer has flown by exceptionally fast, but I'm sort of thrilled that this heat wave might be nearing an end. However, there are still a million and one things that I had hoped to accomplish this season (probably only one of which I've actually done).

In my hopes to cool down, I'm sharing another winter holiday page today. Well, sort of. This was our 2011 Christmas Card. And in looking back at the Christmas Card pages, I really wish I had done 8x8 pages and kept them all in a book by themselves. Gotta love that hindsight thing...

At any rate, this one is done with Prima paper and Bazzill cardstock. I added some dimension to the ornaments and hung them on baker's twine to mimic the top of the card. I also dolled up the ornaments hanging from the reindeer on the paper itself. 

And here are some close up's so you can see the details on the ornaments. The baker's twine is held to the page by looping it around dew drops. I am truly amazed that I had the shades of green and blue in my stash to match the card perfectly, since they aren't your standard colors. But then again, looking at the pile of supplies I have... it shouldn't surprise me at all!

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