10 July 2012

My kids

I kinda have to laugh at the boy playing tee ball. He is one of the few that didn't play last year, so he is partially clueless as to what is happening on the field. But it is so cute to watch. Apparently he has decided to take the 'don't run after the ball unless it comes near you' a little too seriously though. Funny how that is the only instruction that seems to have made it into his four year old brain and stick. I can think of so many more things I would like him to retain ... pick up your toys, don't hit your sister, no running in the parking lot. Nope, those are all suggestions. LOL! I hope to have some tee ball pics to scrap soon, even though I have zero sports stuff in my stash.

Today I'm sharing two pages, one of each of the kids. First up is a page from the girl's 1st birthday back in December. I aligned the pictures to mimic a pinwheel and used my pinwheel freebie to create the embellishment. 

Next up is a pic of the boy, hanging out on the tee ball field in all his glory. I love the squint in his eyes and that he was actually looking at the camera! :)

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