09 July 2012

Love You

Sunshine & happiness is what this layout makes me think of. I participated in a scraplift challenge over at Scrap Takeout and this is what I did. If you'd like to see the page I lifted, you can see it here.

And yes, if you looked at the original, I even used the same kit (although I recolored a few pieces to match her shirt). The kit is skies are grey by nibbles scribbles. I just love the clustered effect, which isn't something I do too often. I also deepened my shadows quite a bit and I've been playing with changing them up lately.

We've got a tee ball game tonight and I'm really hoping we get the rest of the schedule. This only one step ahead thing is sort of annoying since I'm a planner type person. The boy was out practicing hitting a ball on Friday while I used this baby to mow the yard.

I never would have expected to be excited about a new mower, but this sucker is fantastic! Self propelled means it goes up and down our hill without me having to push it. But mind you, it is heavy, so if you do have to push it you will expend some energy. I mowed the yard in less time and still felt like breathing afterwards. I can't thank my husband enough for getting it!

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday (if that is possible) and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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