27 June 2012

Climber (and tee ball)

My kids do their best to stress me out, and most days they accomplish it. Today however they have been angels and seem less than concerned at the fact that the tv isn't showing a picture. Something  momma is much more disappointed about. Guess that means I actually have to listen to them today instead of focusing on what is on in the background. We almost always have the tv on, my philosophy is that if it is always on it isn't that much of a novelty (something that worked for the first few years, but lately it seems to be backfiring on me). I think it is just a way of telling me I should get ready and run errands today.

The girl, well, I'm sure she will just find something to climb on and keep her happy. My layout today is about just that. The child will climb on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. We do our best to limit her abilities, but she still finds a way. Yesterday she was on top of the flipped over laundry basket, she tried to scale the feet of the turned over desk chair and she tried to climb the ladder into her brother's loft bed again. The boy always climbed, but nothing to the extent her sister does. I am sure her goal in life is to put me in the hospital from a heart attack - and she will likely accomplish it before I'm 40 (which in and of itself is sad, cause I'm approaching that rather quickly).

On another note, the boy started tee ball last night. Here is my recap of the first practice...
a) he was not the only child to cry (although he was the first)
b) he had more fun kicking the gravel/sand in the field than paying attention
c) apparently he and another boy were trying to determine who was bigger (why do testosterone matches start so young?)
d) he listened to the coach tell him how to hold the bat (something I've been trying to teach him for awhile now at home, but has yet to sink in)
e) we are trying to decide if the coach volunteers for this (who volunteers to round up fifteen 3-5 year olds for an organized sport? The man deserves a medal)
f) clearly he comes from a non-athletic family (what can I say, we are fat & happy nerds around here)
g) he actually hit the ball!

Now, watching him try to run to first base was funny. He is such a goof ball, but I hope he enjoys it. And yes, I am *that* mom who took her camera to the first practice. And I will be *that* mom who likely has her camera at every game. I know you get it, but the other parents just looked at me funny. Apparently they haven't seen all the cute sports stuff you can get in the scrapbooking world. ;)

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Gingy said...

Yayyy! Tee ball! haha - yes, I was THAT mom, too, and loved every minute of it. So fun! Miss you guys!