26 June 2012

Hybrid Bingo Board

There was a hybrid challenge over at the Scrap Takeout Blog to create a Bingo board. I figured it would be something fun for the boy to play while we are traveling later this year, so why not?! It will help him learn some words too, hopefully anyway.

So I created the bingo board digitally, printed it out and put it on a sheet of cardstock to give it some weight. I need to laminate it (couldn't find the laminating cartridge for my xyron 900 when I was doing this) so he'll be able to use it over and over.

I kept the board fairly easy, since he is still little and loses interest in stuff fairly easily. Hopefully he'll have some fun and it will be something we can do when the girl gets a little older too. I used the genuine kit from Jenn2 Designs to create the board.

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