28 June 2012

Happy Thursday

It's Thursday? Already? I have a feeling the next month is going to go by fast. Tee ball is only supposed to last a few weeks, and we have another 'practice' tonight. The boy is excited about it and I'm wondering how to keep everybody cool. I also hope we get a schedule tonight so I can plan out a little better. I'm a planner, I dislike not knowing when I'm supposed to be where. I can't help it. My pencil just begs to write into my calendar.

At any rate, today I'm going to share two digital pages. The last of the projects to finish the challenges at Scrap Takeout for the month. I can't believe I actually got them all done.

This first one was done for an inspiration challenge (from a menu). You'll note it is not at all my style. I typically love my white space, but not on this page. I completely covered it, and went rectangular! A definite step outside the box for me. :)

I used a menu from Razoo's, which you can see here if you are interested. I used the genuine kit by Jenn2 and all of these are pictures from my cell phone.

The next one was such a rare photograph that I had to scrap it. Apparently the girl fell asleep in my dad's arms. Lots of people probably have sweet pictures of their kids like this, but let me tell you - this child hates people. She is not a people person at all. When she sees my dad, her typical response is either a) scream bloody murder or b) hand her head down and shake it 'no'. Actually, that is usually how she responds to most people (so no offense to my dad, although sometimes I think he might take it personally).

This kit is the Altered Bohemian from Joyful Heart Designs. The colors were perfect for her shirt.

So there ya go, a double today!

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