28 May 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (if they have one) and Memorial Day. Please take a moment today to thank a Veteran or anyone who has an impact on this great country of ours. And please don't forget their spouses, they give up so much as well. I cannot imagine living the life of a military spouse, I'm not sure I am strong enough for that so I have great respect for those of you who are.

So to those of you who have served, those who support them and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice...

Thank You

We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.  
~Francis A. Walker

Please don't forget those whom this day is meant to honor. It is so easy while we are out shopping, having cook-outs, finishing that last project or just simply enjoying another day off from work. There are many who have sacrificed so that you can have the privileges of  enjoying yourself on this beautiful day. 

And thank you to Brandon (my nephew) for posing for this picture. It is one of my favorite.

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