30 May 2012

ADSR 7.7

Yesterday I lacked motivation to do nearly anything. Well, that is actually a lie. I wanted to sew. I would have loved to put on my ear buds and sew to my hearts content. Apparently my kids had other thoughts. So after attempting a project or two, I finally caved and took them outside. And you know what, after about 45 minutes they were both miserable and wanted to come back in. If I knew that, I would have done it early and then had the rest of the day to myself. Oh well. The only good thing is that I managed to get some yard work done, which I'm sure my neighbors appreciate. My yard no longer looks like a jungle!

Don't most 4 year old boys love bugs? Mine wouldn't pick up the rake yesterday because there was an ant on it. Really?! He got upset with me because I refused to come remove the ant from said rake. Turns out he wanted to use it on his sister like a sword. Good call on that one Mom! 

And I have yet to actually look at that paper page I did last week and try to add some finishing touches, so I'd like to accomplish that as well. But for now, I've got another digital page to share. This one was done for Challenge 7 of the ADSR. This challenge was difficult for me, I had no idea how I was going to complete it. I read someone post about doing the colors of their family and I was like - hey, that's great! So I totally swiped the idea and ran with it. Thanks!

Something I did different with this layout is most of it is actually created using negative space. That took longer than I expected, but I do like how it turned out. The only thing that isn't mine is the leaves and those are from Mira Designs (which I believe is no longer available).

And now I'm going to leave my blog and the intertubes and try to get some projects done that don't involve sun and weeds.

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