31 May 2012

Road Trip {ADSR Detour}

I'm sharing another digital page today, breaking all the rules I thought I was going to set up for myself. Gah! Tomorrow I swear to share the paper page that has been sitting on my desk for over a week.

Yesterday I managed to get a little sewing done, and I got the table behind my scrap area cleaned up. I wound up staying up extra late to do it, but I did it! I really do long for the day when I can leave stuff sitting out and know the kids aren't going to attack it, but for now I'll keep putting things away.

So the layout today is a digital page for detour challenge #5 with the ADSR. The challenge is to use a screen shot in our page. So I used a map and a screen shot of some of the pictures from my recent road trip with the kids and my parents (can you say high stress?!).

The ADSR7 is officially over now, and I'm happy that we got all the challenges completed. And on time to boot! woohoo!

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Mel said...

Cute page!