17 April 2012

Altered Wood Box

Tuesday is here and today I'm sharing an altered wooden box I made for Braelyn's room. I'll put my complaints about the IVP at the bottom so you can easily ignore them! ;)

The wooden box is actually from Melissa & Doug - a playdough set. I love their toys, and so do the kids! :) The box was cumbersome to store the supplies in though, and I knew it would be perfect for altering. I just didn't know what. LOL!

So I painted the box white and it suddenly dawned on me that Braelyn needs some extra stuff in her room. Since Grayson already has his name in his room (and various other stuff) I decided to do something fun for Braelyn.

I have these huge letters for years, so I figured that would be a great way to use one up. The papers are from Momenta and go perfectly with the color scheme in her room.

So after the wooden box dried, I cut the background paper and attached it using the xyron 900. I also ran the B through the 900 and attached it to the paper. After I trimmed and sanded the B, I wrapped some beading cord around it for dimension.

Next thing was putting the name on there. I decided not to center it since the big letter wasn't going to be centered.

Since I didn't want the B flat against the back, I used helmar liquid glue dots. Not the best picture, but hopefully you can see what I mean in this picture. I let that sit overnight (I am notorious for putting my fingers where I shouldn't and squishing that to nothing).

The next day I added some layered flowers, a flourish and some random gems around. Nothing too much though because I didn't want to overpower the emphasis on the huge B. And if I'm being completely honest, it means more to dust.

So that is it - cute project that came together quickly. The only thing left right now is to get it hung up. Wonder how long that will take me?!

Now, in case you are at all interested in my kidneys and IVP I had yesterday... feel free to read on. The IVP wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. It took a little over an hour and I didn't have to be completely still, only while they were actually taking the x-rays (huge plus). The original girl who tried my IV (notice I said tried, LOL) completely missed the vein. Now I'm not afraid of needles, and I'm completely willing to let people learn... until it hurts! Thankfully another girl stepped in and got it sorted out. And she wasn't lying when she said I would get a warm feeling in my throat and then in my bladder. How does that happen, you would think it would flush through my veins but it doesn't.

So I finished my exam and had an appointment with the urologist yesterday afternoon. Turns out I've managed to form another kidney stone. That makes three right now. The only good news, they are small and if I can get them to move they should pass without problems. Getting them to move seems to be the problem though. So I think total I'm up to 14 now, all in the past few years. I have to have some more lab work done in a few weeks to see if the new meds are working... it is possible this stone formed prior to me starting it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! See you tomorrow - and I plan to share some of the things I've done from my pinterest boards. :)


Nicole said...

Super cute wall decor Kelly! Sorry to hear about another dang kidney stone. Seriously girl I would think you had, had enough already. Hugs!

Lisa said...

Very cute box! Maybe you should make one for your kidney stones ;p