16 March 2012


I stayed up way too late last night, but let me share the beauty of that...
  • No stopping every 5 minutes because someone is crying
  • No listening to someone complain because the tv isn't on the right channel (or even on)
  • Nobody saying "I need chocolate milk"
  • No separating siblings because they both want the same toy.

Simply peaceful, quiet time for me to do whatever I wanted, watch whatever I wanted, listen to the music I wanted. I enjoyed that, I might have to work it in more often. However, I'm a little older and the lack of sleep will likely kick in soon. Hmmmm... will the pro's outweigh the con's?!

Now, I do love being a mom. With nearly every fiber of my being. My children are precious, wonderful gifts that make me smile on a daily basis. But I have to admit to being human. Sometimes it is nice to have a little time to yourself.

At any rate - I got two (yup, 2) whole layouts done. I pulled out all my kits and started sorting through them. Oh how much quicker scrapping goes when everything coordinates! The problem with my kits is that they are not clearly marked where they are from. (Note to self - start labeling them better.) So if you happen to read this, and know what kit this was please let me know and I'll give credit! Thanks to Mel and my memory (way more mel than me) this kit was from Citrus Tree Studio. Sadly, the site is down right now, but be sure to check back cause I think there are some neat things in store. I also remembered how much I just love to scrap, no challenges for these pages - just plain creative juices flowing!

This was a quick one I put together. Paper & Embellishments from KI Memories, AC Thickers, Prima Flowers.

And on a side note - I have a very similar (almost exact) picture of Grayson. I'll have to see if I can find the page/picture and post it!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend. I think it is supposed to rain here, so I'm sure whatever we do will be indoors!

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Mel said...

Such a pretty page and I'm pretty sure that this was a CTS kit:) Love what you did here!!