27 September 2010

Stencil Painted Magnet Boards

This was a fairly quick & easy project - so I thought I would share it with you guys. Since we recently repainted Grayson's room, I am looking for new things to hang on the wall. I've already created a name plaque to hang above his closet door, but that is all he has. Since he likes robots (and I used them on his name plaque) I thought I would do this quickly to have at least something in there. And then, since I had the stencils pulled out, I decided to grab a butterfly and create one for the little girl who is on the way.

I picked up these magnetic note boards at Target in the dollar spot a few years ago - and they have been sitting in my to do bin (cleaning that out is also on the to do list). So I figured I would put them to use here...

I even skipped the painting of the frame for the butterfly since it was already a girly color! I used Momenta Stencils for the robot & butterfly (Robots BL-350 & Cheyenne’s Butterfly BL-345) and Plaid Acrylic Paints.
Super easy, and now at least I have something to hang on the walls in the bedrooms of my kiddos. :) And, I have some other ideas stirring about how I can creatively use these stencils for other decorations in their room - so stay tuned!


Manhattan Mandie said...

Cute idea!!!

mustangkayla said...

How fun!