24 September 2010

I've taken a hiatus

I took a hiatus from blogging, but I have been busy elsewhere. The carpets got cleaned this morning so I've spent all of this week trying to get furniture moved and get the rest of the house cleaned up. I haven't done too much crafting wise, but I did manage to make part of Grayson's Halloween costume and I tried my hand at sewing some diaper covers. They are cute, but I believe my homemade pattern might need to be perfected before they can actually be used. Who knows though, I might just try one on him and see if it flies.

Then of course, I've had the dreaded case of poison ivy on my face. You know, it has to be bad when your husband looks at you and says "uh....." with nothing to follow. In his defense, his shock & awe was a valid response. I wound up looking very monster-ish for a couple days and I'm sure some people at the grocery store were convinced I was a domestic abuse case. Thankfully it seems to be healing well, despite the fact it still itches on occasion. I'll spare you the pictures for now, but I'm sure I'll scrap them at some point.

So no scrapping from me, but I have been slowly whittling away at my to do list (which is still huge). Can someone say nesting? I know Jeff can - and does on a regular basis - right before he rolls his eyes. But, it makes me feel better and that is all that matters. :)

I'll be scrapping next week though, so be on the lookout for some projects to come!

But, in the meantime, consider this your PSA. If you get poison ivy on your face (especially near your eye) ... GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!

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Mel said...

YAY! Glad it is starting to heal Kel:) Hope you are having a great weekend!