28 September 2010

Hand Tree from Momenta Papers

I would first like to say that this project was not my idea. I found it done somewhere (I'll look for the link to add) with fabric and of course, I had to turn it into a paper project. :)

I really thought this project would be MUCH harder than it was. As it turns out, it was really easy - except tracing G's hand/arm.

  • He is 2
  • He doesn't get that he should stand still EVER
  • He wanted to do the tracing
  • He wanted the 'hand'
  • He wanted the ink pen once we finished (smart choice mom)
  • He then drew all over his belly
  • He had to be cleaned up
But, it's all in good fun ... so it's no biggie and if that is the worst that happens today, after yesterday I will count my blessings.

Now, onto the project.

For this one, I used the following papers from Momenta:
Earthtones Textured Cardstock PA-0659
Relax Textured Cardstock PA-1035
Occasions & Celebrations Paper PA-1992
Metallics Paper Pad PA-1161

Other supplies include an old frame, Helmar 450, a burlap scrap and my Xyron Cheetah.
All these things I had on hand in my overstock room (have I mentioned I'm trying to clean that out?).

So, here's the tutorial, which probably isn't needed at all since the project is so simple.

1. Pull apart frame and discard any unwanted materials (the paper picture, the mat, etc).

2. Apply adhesive to the front side of your frame back board (this is where I used the Xyron Cheetah for a wider coverage area).

3. Lay burlap over the 'sticky' and be sure to smooth it out.

4. Turn piece over and trim next to the edge.

The finished back board piece should look like the picture below. Go ahead and set it to the side for a few mintues.

Now... onto the actual tree...

5. Trace your victim's hand & arm up to the elbow (sorry, no picture as it was hard enough to get the tracing down).

6. Place the traced hand onto your brown cardstock and cut it out.
* If you are good enough to do the tracing directly onto you cardstock I go ahead and bow down gracefully.
* And my son's forefinger is really not deformed and that much skinnier than the rest - he just likes to squirm.

7. Cut all of your leaves from the various patterned papers/cardstock. I went with freehand, but you can easily do this with your cutting system.

*If freehand cutting, stack your papers and staple in one or two corners to keep them from sliding as you cut.

8. Using your glue (I used the Helmar 450 for the following steps) begin attaching your leaves in an upward & outward motion. You may want to leave the hand sitting gently on the burlap so you have an idea of where to start.

9. Finish attaching your leaves and then attach your hand.

10. Reassemble your frame and hang it up! And, if your child is like mine... smile at the fact that he recognizes it is a tree (and a hand) as he tries to climb the wall to exclaim and share his knowledge!


mustangkayla said...

What a neat neat project! It looks great!

Mel said...

WOW Kel! Great project:) Loved your recap of crafting with Grayson lol:)

Rbarakat said...

This is awesome! Looks like he loves it!