19 June 2010

Happy Saturday!

Nothing scrappy today, just some pics of our enjoyable family day. :) Hot & humid, but I sucked it up and went out to play anyhow.

There's a quick fire photography challenge at Citrus Tree Studio this weekend, so it prompted me to take my camera out with me. I won't share the pictures for the challenge until tomorrow (still need one more) - but I wanted to share some others I took today.

So here are some of the things that made my day super fabulous...

* riding with daddy *

* bike time*

* beginnings of a butternut *

* daylily in the yard *

I hope you have had a wonderful saturday as well and I'll see you tomorrow with the pics for my quick fire challenge! Check it out, there is still time to get your pics in!

1 comment:

Rbarakat said...

cute pics - love that lily!