18 December 2009

Altered Maya Road Tin

As you all know, I had surgery on my right arm a few months ago. The doctor said it could take up to a year to fully heal (which I think is finally beginning to set in). Four months later, I am just to the point where I can do some of my daily chores without a lot of pain. Don't get me wrong - so many things still hurt - but I can finally raise my arm and stretch. So I knew making Christmas gifts this year was going to be tough. I have improvised and only made a few instead of most like I normally do.

I have this wonderful local friend who is into bees. I am personally petrified of the little stingers (hello hospital, here I come)... but that is no reason to deny my friend! And I love to go over to her house, and she is always very calming for me when they come swarming and I start to panic.

For Christmas I decided to alter a Maya Road tin (I knew I was saving those for a reason). I also made her a set of bee magnets for her fridge. The tin was really simple, nothing too major - and the magnets, well... I discovered an awesome use for those page pebbles I have had in my stash for years (yes, I had to go hunt them down).

The magnets were so easy, I don't know why I didn't think of this before! I stamped my image, colored it in and then covered it with a page pebble. From there, all I had to do was trim and apply the magnet! I'm really sorry for the bad picture... guess I should have looked before I wrapped it up. Oopsie!

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