10 April 2008

The Amazing Scrappin' Race

You would think not being able to sleep would be bad enough, but NO - I have to feel hideous on top of it. I just don't know what pains I'm feeling are or if I should be concerned. I told Jeff tonight I was almost going to ask him to take me to the ER today, but I decided to wait. Right now my biggest problem is that I can't get cool {I swear it's gotta be spiking 100 degrees in my house}. Jeff has the heated mattress pad on though - ACK!! I need to find another fan!
I'm super excited that the rain has stopped (although temporarily) around here long enough to take a picture or two. Tomorrow is supposed to be 74 and sunny, so maybe I will take a walk around the neighborhood!
So I decided to enter The Amazing Scrappin' Race on Scrapbook Heaven and I thought I would share my entry layout. I love this picture of Zoeller - it's the first chair she mastered around our house!

I rarely do this with layouts, but I included a close-up of the gathering of embellies. Apparently I'm going through a pop dot phase because I can't get enough of them! I seem to be using them on anything and everything! With this project, I used it to layer up my primas!

Oh ya... I did get good news this week! I have a couple toots coming up in some popular ezines, so be on the lookout!!

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