14 April 2008

Guess what I'll be doing in a week?!

Well, time sure does fly! I can't believe this pregnancy is almost over! What happened - seems like just yesterday that I was in the first trimester - getting sick everywhere and struggling to stay awake. Oh wait - that is still happening now! LOL!

Well, I do have to say that the time has flown - but I am ready! After talking with the doctor today, we think it's best if I can go ahead and get back on my Crohn's medication. I am taking some of it, but I can't take the steroids and sadly, I think I need those more. :(

Anyway - we are scheduled to be at the hospital on the 21st at 5AM! Holy cow - 5 in the morning!!! Ack!! We were both like, ummmm... does is HAVE to be that early? I mean, I'm usually up at 5, but come on... I'm definitely not ready to go anywhere! Oh well, guess I will be in a week!

Okay - so when inducing was still a possibility, I was ALL for it - now that it's scheduled... I'm scared to death!! Imagine that!!

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FlutterinbyGirl said...

CONGRATS on getting an induction date! I hope you feel better soon! HUGS!