05 July 2007

RP Amazing Race Pit Stop 8

Wow... I can't believe this fun ride is over. Monday we find out which 12 made the design team. Everyone is so talented, there's no way RP can go wrong! I don't envy them having to make the decision and I wish everyone the best of luck.

I've got my last entry posted... this was so much fun!!

Pit Stop 8: hosted by legacyscrapbooking.com
assignment: using one of the paper lines, create a party ensemble
Luau Crop

I had a great time creating this...
I'm sad to see the ladies get split up, but everyone is so talented and I feel really blessed to have been part of this experience.

2peas Challenge
Do you have memory/yearbooks from your school days that you like to sit and look back and wonder what were we thinking?
I have so many things from high school... I've got my 'scrapbook' I started back then and a box of fun stuff I pull out every once in awhile to glance through. I look exactly the same only I was thinner, so I won't share a pic - plus I don't really have any here at my house, I think they are all at my parents!

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Shell said...

good lcuk - I hope you make the team! I love RP stuff - just begs you to buy it and do something with it!