04 June 2007

Monday 6.4

I'm terribly disturbed that it's the 4th of June already. How quickly time does fly!

So it turns out that my father has kidney stones on top of his gall stones and whatever else might be wrong with him. They sent home with drugs and a wave. The poor guy, he has just been through it all in the past month.

Now, have you seen the new DT blinkies at Treasured Scrapbooking? It's over to the right, check it out!! How cute are they?! I'm telling you... I just love this site. The kits are packed full of goodies and Leslie is awesome!!

Welp, on to the daily challenges...

TS Challenge
Today's blog challenge is to tell us something quirky about yourself!
I have tons of quirks, so I'll just pick one. I have this weird thing where I have to chew the same amount of food on each side of my mouth. If I eat a pretzel stick on one side, I have to eat one on the other too. I'm freakish... jeff tells me that all the time! ;)

2peas Challenge
Think of a time in life when something good came of something bad?
I think I have lots of these too. Specifically I want to say my marriage came out of the divorce of hubby and his first wife. And how my diagnosis with Crohn's has helped me become a stronger person. Speaking of that, my mother told me I should start a website about Crohn's because mine is so weird, she said you never know when it might help someone. So I might just do that. I'm still thinking.


Jill said...

That stinks about your dad. :-( :-( :-( I just got done with one of those "seven things about myself" not too long ago, so I guess I'm all set on the challenge for a change!

Rachael said...

Your poor Dad! :(

I have to laugh about your symmetrical eating! LOL

Terri said...

Your Dad & your family are in my thoughts & prayers Kelly. Hope things start to improve very, very soon & he's feeling much, much better!