05 June 2007

I got Tagged!!

I got tagged by Elizabeth!! Thanks for the fun challenge :)
Okay so 7 random things or habits about myself....
1. I have really, really wide feet. A woman's wide shoe is nowhere near wide enough. The men's shoes feel so much better on my feet!
2. I have only owned 1 automatic transmission car and I absolutely hated it. I love to drive a stick - it gives me something to do so I don't get so bored.
3. I love frogs. I have frog decorations everywhere - inside and outside, at least 1 frog in every room!
4. I refused to eat potato chips until last year. Seriously... I was 29 before I really bought and ate potato chips and that same year I found out I shouldn't have them.
5. I am a chapstick freak!! I have them everywhere... I have 30 or more tubes at any one given point. I keep 2 in my car, 3 in my purse, 1 or 2 in my pockets, some in the kitchen, some down here by my scrap/computer area and a ton in the bedroom.
6. I count stairs in my head every time I walk down them. Does that scream OCD or what?! LOL!
7. I violently bite my nails, except in the classroom. I have to have tips on them for them to look halfway decent.

Alrighty... now I'm tagging you guys. :)
1. Ginger
2. Sarah
3. Lisa
4. Anissa
5. Karen
6. Dustanne

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