03 June 2007

just got the phone call

Okay... I just got the horrid phone call. My father is on his way to the ER - again! This is the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks. I really do wish that somebody would figure out what is wrong with him. Today it's apparently a pain in his right side, about an inch above his hip. I do wish I could do something more for them, but since we live an hour away sometimes it's hard. Yesterday we went down there, I made them a batch of lasagna and jeff opened the pool while I cleaned the tarp that we took off.

Okay... if you have a little room in your thoughts, please keep my dad in them! I guess the good thing is that his knee is doing well from him knee replacement.

Oh.... I forgot... on a side note I should share what I think is a funny. I live out in the country where there are tons of animals - lots of farms, especially chicken farms since tyson is very close. Well, jeff and I were on our way home from the races and IHOP last night, probably around 12:45 am. Well... I thought all was well, from a distance I saw a weird black mass that isn't usually there on the side of the road. Thinking it was a mailbox of something, I just ignored it. Well, all of a sudden the stationary object moved and was a different color. Low and behold, I freak out... I put out a little squeek & slam on the brakes. Jeff wakes up and I was like ....
The poor cow had gotten out of the fence and was just standing on the side of the road. A big ole black cow butt! We laughed the rest of the way home. Could you imagine how bad it would have sucked to hit the cow though?

Well, I'm gonna go play wii until I hear from my parents I guess. Have a great Sunday evening!!

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Stacey said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my prayers for sure tonight. Love the cow story!! That has happened to us once too out on a country road and it is scary!! Worse than deer for sure!-ksuscrapper