03 June 2007

6.3 {Rainy Sunday}

Okay... it's a rainy cruddy Sunday here. I woke up to a sick dog - I think she does it just to get me out of bed though. So I get the umbrella and take her outside only to see that the gutters are clogged and the rain is literally pouring out the side creating a river of brick chips in my azalea bushes. GRRRRRR!!!! I think it's just gonna be one of those days :(

On a good side note, I believe my Crohn's is going into remission. This will be the 2nd time since I've had it. Hopefully the 2nd time will last much longer than the 2 months I got the first time around. I have eaten scrambled eggs 2 weekends in a row now! That's just unheard of in my world!! I know ya'll might think I'm funny, but I miss eggs most of all. Especially when your hubby sits there and says "mmmmm.... these eggs are great!"

TS Challenge
Today's challenge is to blog about your first driving lesson you ever had.
I remember this vividly! I was 13 and my father took me to the mall, little did I know he had other ideas about our visit to the mall. He put me in the drivers seat, told me how to work the clutch and after a few screams and jerks of the steering wheel, I drove around in the mall parking lot for a while!

2peas Challenge
What is one memory keepsake you still have from your school years?
I have pretty much everything b/c I was scrapbooking of some sort back then. I used to tape or glue my stuff into an artist composition book - LOL! I have a ton of things I used to consider vital back then. I have my old parking pass, my smoker's pass (back then you could smoke in designated areas of the school with a parents permission), I even have a notebook my friend and I used to pass around between classes. We would spend our entire class period writing notes to each other and pass them back and forth in the hall between class.


Yellow Fence said...

You are so lucky that you have so many school memories. I have very few. Back then I didn't save anything! Every now and then I hope that my mom will find an old box or artwork or something, but nada!


Stacey said...

WOW! I can't believe you have that notebook! I can barely remember who my friends were! HA HA!