11 March 2014

I'm a Lucky Mom

I know my kids are just like everybody else's, but I do feel like the luckiest mom in the world (most days, LOL). Of course there are some days when my kids are overbearing and aggravate me. I'm sure yours do too. Yes, I have to watch the same movie 6 bagillion times in a row. Yes, I have to do all the gross jobs. Yes, I found mold in my car where somebody had spilled milk and not told me (I was pretty angry about that one). But all of them are worth it. Yes, ALL of them!

There are so many awesome things about being a mom though, things I never would have imagined. My kids can make me laugh at the same time they make me cry. They know exactly when to walk up and give me a hug. They say "I love you" at the perfect moment (of course, there is never a bad moment to hear that).

I created this page with the Fun Zone kit from Sweet Digi Scraps. I was looking for something bright and colorful and this kit totally fit the bill! Be sure to check her kits out. She is an awesome designer and there is a cute freebie up on her facebook page right now.

I also did this with a challenge at Kitchen Keepsake in mind. The challenge is to use the word 'lucky' in your title. Head on over to the forum, new challenges will be posted in just a few days!

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Carmen said...

Kelly, how sweet! Your layout is beautiful, love every detail of ir! Thanks for taking my challenge @ Kirchen Keepsake