14 March 2014

File Cabinet Refinish

Apparently I don't have enough storage. Or I don't like the storage I have. Or maybe a combination of both. My basement is dark and drab, it has 'lovely' faux wood walls from the 70's. It needs color, brightness and lots of love. So... I found this awesome file cabinet fabric storage on pinterest. Off I went for a file cabinet to refinish. And I just happened to find one for $20. Perfect! I thought I would have an entire drawer left after I put my fabric in it. You should go ahead and laugh, cause man was I wrong. 

I also forgot a before picture. It was black. Your standard office file cabinet. Use your imagination. ;)



I spray painted them. The handles are silver, the drawers are a citrus green and the cabinet is blue (I was hoping for a darker blue, but I like it). Everything was primed and then got two coats of color. I used Valspar paint, its my new favorite spray paint. I love how well it coats everything.

Here is the finished project all assembled back together. I love having all of my large pieces of fabric in one place. Before there were some on a shelf, some in plastic tubs and some just thrown on top of my table. Now they all nicely fill all three drawers of my cabinet. They are out of the dust and the cabinet is nice and bright. :)

So look how cool the fabric is. Its all neatly wrapped around hanging folders. I should organize them by color, but honestly I was just so excited to get it all in there. It makes me really happy and I know exactly where to go find what I'm looking for! 

Now I need to get sewing and use up some of these fabric pieces. After all, I need room to make room so I can get more! :)

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Suzanne said...

Awesome upcycle, Kelly!