15 August 2012

Go Carts

I really love how this page turned out, probably because I have such great memories of this day. We had a lot of fun, despite it being hot and having a little one around that couldn't get on the go carts. But, my boys had fun... so that is enough for me. :)

This page was done with mostly Pebbles & American Crafts stuff.  I added some cardboard for texture, some stickles and I distressed some of the leftover tickets we had from letting the boy play skee ball.

The circles and some of the stars on the page are done with sharpie. I filled some of them in to mid it up a bit, and of course added some stickles around them.

And you'll see, the boy was even nice enough to 'let' his daddy drive this track. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

1 comment:

Sandy Ang said...

love the look of those split semi-circles rounding off the photo blocl