25 July 2012

Warm Wednesday

I don't know about you, but these days my facebook feed is filled with people vacationing at the beach. It makes me just a bit envious, cause I would love nothing more than to hear the ocean and sit and enjoy some relaxation. Unfortunately, I don't think a beach trip is on our agenda this summer. So I decided to look back at some pictures from our trip last year. Not sure if that is helping or hurting... but at least I got a page scrapped. :)

I love the warmth these pictures give me, almost enough to make me feel like I'm sitting there with the sun heating up my face (of course, that may be the sunburn I've gotten from mowing the grass). The kit is Sweet Summer by Marie H Designs and the page was done for the July color challenge at Scrap Takeout.

Enjoy your Wednesday, hopefully you are having cooler weather than we are! 

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