06 June 2012

Momma Robin

We have a momma robin that lives on the gutter very near our back deck. I'm actually quite surprised that she decided to nest there, given that the kids are out there all the time. She had a few babies in April, but the kids would never sit still long enough for her to come feed them. And of course, I never got good pictures of the babies. Straddling the deck rail while trying to stretch the camera out and get pictures might sound like a fun activity (for me anyway), but definitely not for my clumsy self when there is a 2 story drop. I promise, it would be stunt movie worthy had I even tried. So I know better.

That said, I did manage to run the kids off long enough to get a small handful of pictures. But some of my favorites are the ones where she was waiting in the trees.

This page is a little different from my normal style. I usually approach digital scrapbooking just like paper, meaning I layer everything up and add pieces. For this one I decided to use masks and reduced the opacity on most of the elements. It worked well with the muted tones of this kit and I am really pleased with how well the layout turned out.

I used the Spring Just kit from Willy Designs at NDISB and I'm using the page for their June Journaling Challenge

And given that it is rainy today and I won't be able to work on the kids play kitchen (which is coming together nicely), I guess I will wind up cleaning the house today. And maybe I can convince them to give me some time to play with paper. :)

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Terri said...

Love it, Kelly! I wish I could digi-scrap ... it looks so neat what you did.