07 June 2012

Hello Diploma

There are quite a few of our friends and family whose kids are graduating from high school this year (or already have at this point actually). A bit funny considering we just went this morning to look at a preschool for our oldest.

At any rate, I remember being that age. All I wanted to do was get out of the grasps of my teachers and parents. Like graduating high school was the all important factor in becoming an adult (ha!). Little did I know. I recently posted on facebook that I think 30-40 is the perfect age. You know why... cause I'm old enough to be able to laugh at the stupidity of 20 year olds, yet young enough to still maintain my sanity. And I'm going to stick by that.

So I did this card with a 'funny' attitude. Definitely not your traditional 'congrats grad' card, but I have a few of those I'm going to be sharing as well.

The papers are Momenta, flags are Nikki Sivils, diploma is Jolees, transparency from Rusty Pickle, metal tags are DCWV and the flowers and button are from my stash.

Most of this stuff is old, old, old as I'm working on cleaning out some of my stash. I think we are going to have to do some major design and reconstruction work in our basement and the less I have to move, the better!

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