08 May 2012

Life's a Blur

I have teamed up with Pinky and we are doing the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race. Kudos to her for stepping up at the last hour to partner with me as I begged on facebook. LOL! If you haven't, check out her blog as she is really talented and I'm sure you'll find lots of great eye candy there.

Back to the ADSR7 - We are issued challenges and have a timeline to create a page. They aren't judged on whose is the best (love that!), just that you met the criteria of the challenge.

The first challenge came out on the 6th. It was to use a bad photo and scrap it unaltered. Not a problem, I have tons of those! This pic fits perfectly with the challenge and I am pretty pleased with how the layout turned out.

I did 8.5x11 again just for fun, which I'm again sure I'll regret when printing time comes. The kit is from Crisdam Designs at A Cherry On Top.

Now I'm all done and ready for the next challenge! Woot - bring it on!

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