03 April 2012

Sweet Little Girl

I haven't had a whole lot of excess time the past couple weeks, but I did manage to get this layout done. I love this picture of Braelyn for a couple reasons...

1 - she isn't screaming her head off demanding food (her usual frame of mind in a restaurant)


2 - she looks absolutely adorable in pigtails (but screams like a banshee while I'm trying to put them in)

What I love about this, it only took me around 15 minutes to put it together. Since Braelyn expects me to be very hands on (I'm still not sure I'm used to that), I love that I can pop out a digital page in record times. The kit is another that I snagged from A Cherry On Top. I fell in love with the colors, they are so vibrant and sweet. And perfect for a little girl page. And again, on sale for $1. :)

Now, I have to resume real life and tackle the mound of laundry that has somehow managed to collect.

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