05 April 2012

Hunting Eggs

Tomorrow I think we are going to visit Peter Rabbit and see which child freaks out first. My guess = Braelyn. She's not very friendly with people in costume or people in general for that matter. I'm still not sure how we managed getting Santa pictures without security escorting us out. I honestly felt kinda bad for Santa.

I also feel bad for the Chick Fil A cow, I think her little brain tells her to kick him in the shins and run the other direction. The funny thing, she doesn't even run for me. She just runs to hide.

So given Easter is coming up, I thought I would share a digital page of Grayson hunting for Easter Eggs. Since my cousin has been coming to visit for Easter, my mom is all into setting up fun stuff for the kids. I guess it's worth it when there are four of them, not just two. Either that or she found some secret energy booster that she has yet to share. I might have to ask her.

So here are some pictures of Grayson hunting for eggs last year in their yard. Since my cousin's kids are older we had to keep putting 'easy' eggs out for Grayson. Who honestly was more than happy with just one egg, especially once he discovered there were goodies inside. What can I say, my kids lead sheltered lives.

I did this page for a sketch over at Tally Scrapper. Head on over and check it out, it's a great sketch!

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