22 March 2012


My children can be destructive little demons. I'm pretty sure they have horns, pitchforks and the whole works. Some days I even believe they glow red and speak in tongues (pretty sure that is the only language Braelyn knows at this point).*

I always thought the dogs were destructive - chewing on random toys, snagging socks out of the dirty laundry, gnawing on the corner of the carpeted stairs, eating the scrapbook supplies I left sitting on the bottom shelf.

Then I had two kids.

At least the dogs can't pick up the paint roller you thought you put up high enough (and wrapped in a plastic bag). Or the nail polish bottle you left sitting on your desk (all be it closed). Or your drink (which you set down long enough to grab the remote before getting comfy in your recliner). And by far, the dogs are easier to house break.

My kids - they find everything. And they have to explore it. I mean, its a cup... why shouldn't they try to drink out of it?! Or... I just saw you paint the walls with this, so they think they'll try it (and paint walls, furniture, the bed, etc). I swear the motto of both of my kids is "determination". I can only hope they keep that determination and turn it into something positive later in life. Maybe something along the lines of, not trying to give our mother a stroke or not graying her hair before she hits 35 (oh wait, its too late for that).

The point of my ramble?! There are times when said demons revive my faith and act like absolute angels. The moments when they sit quietly and love each other unconditionally. Those moments, they melt my heart. Sometimes I even think I can see wings. So my page today is one of those such moments - they were sitting so nicely in my chair and reading a book together. They absolutely love each other, no doubt about it!

I would wish for all moments to be like this, but I'm pretty sure life would be boring. I mean, what would I do all day if I didn't have to moderate toy sharing? I would be confused if I could actually sit down with a cup of coffee and not be pummeled with little hands and feet. So I'll take the demon children, and their rarely visiting angel counterparts. Cause, no matter what I say, I love it that way!

Now, if you'll excuse me... I must go fix the curtain rod the kids have started to pull out of the wall by playing hide and seek and/or peekaboo. See ---------->

*disclaimer - my children are not demons. I've seen no evidence of horns (unless you count pigtails), pitchforks, glowing red or pointed tails. They are actually well taken care of, polite, wonderful normal children - with their ups and downs, learning along the way, testing the limits, mood swinging, potty training, booger picking, dirt collecting, exploring mud puddles and scraped knees. Both of whom I'm sure would rather have their mother to play with than see her type this blog post. :)


Lisa said...

And I'm sure you were just an *angel* as a kid ;)

Did you do something new to your blog, or am I just really really unattentive? It looks fantastic.

Sherri said...

that is a precious photo of them reading together. great memory to capture.

Anonymous said...

Lovely layout and I think all kids get into their share of mischief, don't they?!

Bev said...

OMG they are just too cute.. fabulous page

Rita Barakat said...

Aww that is an adorable picture!!! love the LO girl!