26 March 2012

Life is all about moments

I know its a cliche... but it is the honest truth. So many times when we are upset, we tend to forget about the great things that constantly happen to us. At least I know I do. I always thought I was mostly normal, so I would assume everybody else does too. Maybe not though, who knows?

I started plotting this layout over the weekend (as one of the things that is on the list happened, you'll just have to guess which) and finished it up this morning. A reminder that it is the little moments that make up our life. The big ones count, but the little moments make it all worth it - good and bad. I didn't want to only scrap about bad moments, so I included some really great ones as well.

Moments I Love =>
When Jeff Walks In The Door
Hugs From The Kids
Hearing I Love You

Moments I Dislike =>
The Bathroom Is Out Of TP
You Spill Your Drink
Your Pants Are Too Tight
You Realize You Left Your Wallet

Hope you can get out and enjoy this wonderful Monday! It looks gorgeous here, hopefully it will stay that way and we can use the grill for dinner tonight. :)

And don't forget, you've got another day or two to enter the giveaway for the mystery box - so head on over!!


Sherrie said...

Have been following your blog for a year now Kelly! Have always loved your distinctive style! This latest layout I haven't seen you do that style before!

Mel said...

Love this one Kelly! Great page.

Lisa said...

Great layout. I totally know what you mean -- these last couple years have been overall really crappy, but those little moments get you through. You can't forget them.

Karen L said...

Love this layout for a number of reasons. The design, with those awesome corrugated letter titles, and the fact that you scrapped yourself!! That's something I never do, but should.

Rita Barakat said...

Love this Kelly - it's a perfect combo of textures and colors! How have you been!!!Hope all is well and you are not keeping yourself too busy!