06 March 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'

Happy Tuesday - hope everyone is having a great day! The weather here looks nice, but I think it is on the chilly side (more incentive to stay inside and get crafty, right?!).

For this layout I used a sketch from My Sketch World along with papers and elements I created. I absolutely love digital pages, they go together quickly and the kids can't steal my supplies!

Grayson loved the pumpkin patch last year, but honestly he had more fun with the wagon!

Yesterday I started working on the smash* book with memorabilia from our wedding. I decided to use the notebook that I used for planning the wedding to begin with, so it isn't an official smash* book, but it has a bit more meaning for me. I'm surprised at how quickly it is coming together. Matter of fact, I'm almost done with it (it helps that everything was in one place to begin with). I want to add some pictures to some of the pages, but for the most part I would consider it done. Which means that I'll get to toss all the 'extras' which have been sitting around in a box. How is that for decluttering?!

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