28 February 2011

TallyScrapper Survivor Layouts Week 2

I forgot all about my blog last week. Oops! I am happy to say that the time was not spent wasted, as I removed 99% of the wallpaper in our kitchen. Soon comes removing the paneling and then getting reacquainted with my friend the electric sander. But, kitchen remodeling is a whole other post.

Here is my 2nd week layout for the Survivor challenge over at TallyScrapper. You can see my first week layout here. The challenge for my team this week was to use "That Just Happened," along with yellow, burgundy, olive green and orange.

Let me say, I am not proud of this layout. Well, the layout is fine... but the fact that this happened - not so good. Jeff and I took Grayson to the park on a Sunday. It was busy and kids were everywhere. I ran over and grabbed a geocache and came back. We were both keeping an eye on Grayson, but we got involved in conversation and looked up - he was nowhere to be found. My heart sank, I was litterally stuck in one spot frantically searching the play area for him. I decided to turn around and to my delight, there he was - throwing a little nerf football with a girl and her parents. I was scared to death. Even thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes. I failed as a mother and I know I'm not the first, but God I whole heartedly pray that is the one and only time I ever have that feeling.

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