16 February 2011

I am becoming *that* mom!!

So I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. But now that I have kids, I look for reasons to have fun. Of course, I decided to make a special Valentine's Day dinner on Monday.

Strawberry pancakes! They were super easy (especially since I got a Kitchen Aid mixer at Christmas - shout out to my wonderful husband there). I even tried to make them in heart shapes with cookie cutters, but let's just say that my festiveness only goes so far and as soon as something messes up I get mad and give up. LOL!

So the menu consisted of strawberry pancakes, scrambled cheesy eggs and bacon. And it was a big hit as breakfast night is always welcomed at our house!

The pancakes are really easy.

1 1/2 cups cake mix
1 egg
1 cup milk
Mix it up and cook just like you would for regular pancakes. Throw on a spoonful of icing (in this case vanilla) and you have a super sweet and fun pancake for the occasion!

*side note - if you have a child who thinks mashed potato is the Anti-Christ... he won't eat the vanilla icing either (or anything white like that) because he is CONVINCED it is a spoonful of potato.

Follow dinner up with this chocolate cake and you are set! That is, until your husband reads on facebook that one of his friends got steak & crab legs for dinner.

So now I have to start planning for Dr. Seuss' Birthay and St. Patrick's Day!! I'd love to hear ideas if you have some!

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patti west said...

hi Kelly! Yay for being "that" mom!!! The kids are only little for so long...so, you may as well have fun with it! Love your photo of Grayson!!! :)