12 February 2011

CSN Stores

Have you heard of CSN Stores? I was lucky enough to work with CSN Stores a couple months ago and provide one reader a great prize, as well as provide a review for an item from their wide variety of stores. This was such a cool opportunity, and I'm happy to say that I am able to do it again for my readers.

This time I'd like to point your focus toward a wooden swing set from http://www.swingsetsandmore.com/. They have some super cool swing sets - like this Explorer's Station Swing Set. What kid wouldn't absolutely LOVE having this in their backyard? I know Grayson would. And I won't lie - I would have fun with that too!

Not in the market for a swingset? No worries - with over 200 stores, you have a variety of choices at the simple click of your mouse. Seriously, everything you could want - all in one place! Can't ask for better than that!

So I just wanted to give you a head's up that I'll be having another review and giveaway here on my blog for CSN Stores. So stay tuned! And if you are interested in hosting one, please let me know and I will pass your information along!

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