08 July 2008

4th of July Weekend!

We had a great weekend, however it was busy. I don't plan on traveling again with 2 adults, a baby and three dogs in the car anytime soon. I'm sure we were a sight going down the road. The dogs love to go to my Mom & Dad's house though - and they love having them there, so its all good - and we did have a great time. Saturday we had a cook-out at my parents house and then went to see the fireworks at their neighbors house. Grayson loved watching the fireworks until he fell asleep. It was fun to watch him looking at the bright colors in the sky! Jeff played with the camera, and probably my favorite picture of the weekend was him playing with the remote while he was in the shot.
I'm glad to be back home though, I got my scrap table cleaned off (whoooo... I finished that mini-book that took me over a week to get done) and I'm ready to get down to business tomorrow! I should get to scrap a ton because Ginger will be out of town (I'll miss you, but good luck Amber) and I won't have her to talk to.
Here's a small slide show of our pictures, but feel free to check out my 4th of July gallery if you want to see a few more!

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Alecia said...

Some GREAT pics Kelly, and so glad you had a great holiday!!