20 May 2008

Puppy Proofed {hopefully}

Well, I do hope that I have puppy proofed my bookshelf in my scrapping area. To date, the demons have eaten 4 completed layouts, 1 in progress layout and probably close to $100 in scrappy supplies. So this is my solution - and I REALLY hope it works. Otherwise, my family is gonna be out 2 dogs I think!! I've also stuck in a picture of my redone ribbon storage. I think this will work better than the jars for me - even if it only keeps them wrinkle free! I was amazed at the amount of ribbon I got in the three drawers - I had 7 jars and most of them were quart size!


Shirley said...

Lol! Puppy proofed! That's cute!

wendipooh13 said...

love your storage, looks great