20 January 2008


ro·tund /roʊˈtʌnd / [roh-tuhnd] –adjective
1. round in shape; rounded: ripe, rotund fruit.
2. plump; fat.
3. full-toned or sonorous: rotund speeches.

Why is it I feel like this should be my new descriptive word? Man, I feel huge! I have gained a bit more weight, but I'm trying not to stress over it! We worked on the baby's room again today. I feel bad that I can't really help with the removal of wallpaper, but Jeff says I can't climb the ladder. Considering I am likely to fall off of it when I'm not pregnant, it's prolly a good idea I stay on the ground. He is almost done with the wallpaper however and that just leaves painting and the floor! We are picking up the crib and changing table from my parent's house tomorrow, so I guess we really need to get on it or we won't have anywhere to put them!!

Well, I just wanted to share a current picture of me (and my belly) as well as a RP layout I did last week. Love the School Daze line!

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