22 January 2008

Ever-Expanding Family

Of course, the word puppy and my heart skips a beat... can I refuse? No way! Look at this doll's face... she is such a sweetheart! Jeff found a post at work about them and we called this evening. She was filthy when we got her, but after some baby shampoo, scissors and hair dryer (apparently you are supposed to blow dry this breed) she looks like a little white puff ball! Course, she won't stay a 'little' puff ball for long - female Great Pyrenees average 80-110 lbs.
Onyx took to her well (or should I say ignored) and Sofee didn't seem to know what to think about her. But I'm sure that will all change soon enough! I was sad to hear that her litter-mates had all 'run-off' as the kid we got her from put it. She and one other female were the only ones left. I hope somebody found them and either keeps them or takes them to the animal shelter. They are adorable and will likely get adopted (I would hope). So now... gotta pick a name. Man... that's happening a lot lately!

If you want to see some more pictures of her... feel free to check out my puppy gallery. I've got all the girls on there (even the late, very missed Keshe).


Beckie said...

too cute Kel! A big fluffy ball :)

Kathie said...

OMG so cute...congrats!

joybear said...

So cute! Enjoyed the puppy gallery!