14 September 2007

Naps, Cravings & Delusions...

Well, not really delusions (although I believe I've always had those) but I have lots of cravings and even more naps! I want almost anything sweet, steak (I haven't had that in almost 10 years) and cheese ravioli. So I've fulfilled my craving for steak, without getting sick I might add (can you believe that?!) and haven't really had any desire for it since. Right now I am dying for some cheese ravioli or never ending pasta bowl from Olive Garden. Too bad there isn't really one here! LOL!

Anyway... I'm off to find something to eat, but I wanted to share the link to our ultrasound with you. The baby is currently named "baby rufus" until we name him/her!! Feel free to check out
the pics of Rufus so far. You can already see the little arms & legs starting to form!!

And... here's a card I created for the Treasured Scrapbooking Cyber Crop going on this weekend! Please... come check it out! It will surely get you in the mood for Fall!

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Sofie said...

Love the way you spell Hall o ween...Awsome job!