05 December 2007

Mark of the Half!

Well, I will be 20 weeks tomorrow. Can you believe it? I do wonder what happens with time as we get older.
Anyway - just wanted to share that I am half-way through the pregnancy! Jeff and I haven't even started on the baby's room, with the exception of me moving a bookshelf to the living room. We did pick up flooring last weekend and I think we (or should I say *I*) have picked out the color for the walls.

Tomorrow is our ultrasound and if baby Rufus cooperates, we will find out if Rufus is a boy or a girl!

I decided to stop by and get my hair cut today on the way home. It was long and scraggly and I'm beginning to get frustrated with how I look. I got about 5 inches cut off, so maybe I can do something with it and it will stay cute!


karriecook said...

Kelly, you look adorable! Love that sassy new hair cut! Let's see, you look like you are carrying a little low, so I'm going to guess a boy.

Kristie said...

Love the haircut. You look wonderful!