13 August 2007

Just a few days left of summer...

Well, I don't have many days of summer left - my first teacher workday is Wednesday. I can't wait to see the kids and everything, but I didn't get as much accomplished this summer as I would have hoped.

I am excited, we are going to be keeping my niece & nephew next week some and I plan on putting them to work! They are gonna help me paint and all kinds of other home improvement activities!! LOL!

In the meantime, we are still trying to housebreak Sofee - although she is doing very well. However, I just noticed this morning that she has taken a liking to my dining room table! So here's a pic of Sofee and one of Onyx to share (seeing them all cute destroys the bad thoughts in my head about the chair & table).

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer!!


Ginger said...

Adorable! Just adorable! Look at those precious faces! How could you possibly be upset with Sofee! LOL.

Danielle said...

Your new puppy is so darn cute!!!