25 May 2007

May 25th!

Okay, yesterday was officially a month since my Dad had his knee replacement. The poor guy, I wish there were something I could do for him. He can't eat - he has lost 30 pounds (which he is thrilled about) and nobody seems to know the problem! They thought it was his gall bladder, but now they don't. It's like a weird very personal episode of House! Speaking of, have you guys actually heard Hugh Laurie speak with his british accent?!

Anyway... more news from this week! I got a job for the summer!! Looks like I will be working at the Lowe's store, ironic huh (DH works in corporate)?! Hopefully that will start next week. I start my summer classes on Tuesday, but I have only a handful left - so that's nice!

The Amazing Race II is coming up from Rusty Pickle - Deadline 6/1! I just love their stuff!!

Oh ... and we are filling our Memorial Day weekend with racing!! Saturday night is ladies night at Bowman Gray Stadium, our local track and we are going to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte on Sunday! I always find it fun to watch people I went to high school with battle it out on the track! LOL! That also means the camera is going to be in my grubby hands all weekend!!

We also have our vacation coming up! I'm sad that we aren't going to Vegas, but I'm super excited to be hitting Orlando again!! We already have our Universal tickets!!

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