21 January 2007

Blog an Important Moment

The moment I want to blog about is the point where I knew I loved my husband. You know, some people talk about knowing immediately, others just say they felt a bit uneasy in their stomach. I didn't know immediately (Lord knows I could have saved about 10 years there). I did however realize it the day of his Aunt's funeral. I stopped by to see him at the shop. I walked in and there he was. He had this gleam in his eye, red button up shirt and a black suit. I can see him like it was yesterday. I remember thinking as I was walking out, I am in love with this man - wanting to scream it to the world! I kept it to myself however, since there were other things to consider at the time. Luckily, we got married about a year later ... and here we are ... just as happy as ever!

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