19 November 2013

Disney Autograph Books

I decided to make the kids autograph books for our Disney trip. There are millions of examples out there for inspiration, but I decided to keep them kinda simple (don't want them to get torn up and the kids are still young). They each picked their character, I assembled and now they are ready for our trip (woohoo)! I did put a light coat of mod podge on the outside just for some added durability.

Grayson went with Cars. And I just happened to have some cars ribbon sitting around to make a lanyard. Perfect!

Braelyn picked Tinkerbell. Cause she is a die hard Fairies fan. Unfortunately I didn't have any Tink ribbon, but I don't think it will matter. ;) I even added a little pixie dust to the cover.

And while I was making the lanyard, I added a little spot in there to hold their pens. Just so little hands don't continually drop them. :)

There is a stripes challenge over at Kitchen Keepsakes, you should check it out. Grayson's autograph book worked great! 

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Mel said...

Fantastic job!!